In collaboration with renowned interior designers and architects, we shape your professional or personal space, covering all its construction needs for functionality, safety and decoration.

Configuration of business spaces

Configuration of business spaces

Configuration of houses

Configuration of houses

Decoration and special constructions

Decoration and special constructions

Aluminium frames

Aluminium frames

Our constructions

We create all kinds of metal constructions to serve your needs for functionality, safety, automation and decoration.


Possibility to choose from a wide range of designs from iron, aluminium and stainless steel or construction of your own personal design.

Pergolas / Awnings

Shading and weather protection systems. The construction is made of iron or aluminium and is covered with crystal or polycarbonate sheets.

Stairs / Staircases

Indoor and outdoor stairs with a combination of metal and wood materials. Configuration of stairwells based on maximum functionality and safety.

Metal furniture and decoration

Bookcases, shelves, desks, planters, tables and stools (and in combination with wood / solid, pallets, mdf) are some of the implementations in business premises and homes.


Safety irons

You choose from a wide range of designs or construction of your own personal design, with priority given to the greatest possible security of your space.


They are placed on the facade of the building to reduce the solar radiation that passes inside, in order to create greater energy savings.

Metal lofts, balconies, building supports

Following accurately the instructions and specifications of the static design plans of each engineer / architect, we build metal lofts and balconies indoors and outdoors. In the same way we construct the very demanding supports of buildings.


Aluminium or iron doors, indoor and outdoor. Armored doors with aluminum cladding for maximum security.

Building investments

Investments of buildings and shops with glass curtain or etalbond for maximum resistance to adverse weather conditions and UV radiation.

Curtains and patios

Glazing and patios are innovative aluminum systems for the construction of glazing and suspended facades in modern buildings and allow direct contact with the natural environment. They perfectly satisfy the requirement for ideal lighting, convenience, safety, durability, time resistance, excellent functionality and aesthetic result.

Metal frames

The metal frames offer safety, durability and a special aesthetic result.

Aluminum frames

Safety, sound insulation, thermal insulation and aesthetic effect. For maximum protection from external environmental conditions, we install aluminium systems with thermal break.

Indoor / outdoor dividers

They are made of materials such as metal, aluminum, metal & glass together and are used to separate an interior space or to create privacy in an outdoor space.


Closed type or perforated, with electric or manual drive. There is the option of remote control with wireless or wired motors, always choosing the right solution for your safety.


Roller, pleated, sliding and fixed screens are placed in all types of frames. They offer natural ventilation of the space, minimizing the use of air conditioning and protect you from insects and reptiles.

Our process

We are by your side throughout our cooperation, to solve queries, suggest solutions and make sure that our solutions meet all the needs of your project.


Describe your project and its needs. Together we discuss the options and parameters that we must take into account.


With our partners we study the project and design and present to you our proposed solutions.


After agreeing on the ideal solution for you, we start the construction and installation of the metal elements.

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